Guddu Full Movie Download Free HD

Title : Guddu Full Movie Download Free HD
Release : 1995
Country : India
Stars : Ashok Saraf, Deepti Naval, Manisha Koirala, Mukesh Khanna, Shah Rukh Khan, Shylendar
Quality : 720p
Genre : Drama, Hindi Movies, Romance

Guddu Full Movie Download Free HD (1.2 GB)↓

Guddu Full Movie Download Free HD. Guddu Bahadur meets fellow collegian, Salina Gupta and both fall in love with each other. Then one day both meet in a vehicle accident resulting in Salina losing her sight; Guddu holds himself responsible for this outrage and is restricted by Salina’s family not to meet with her again. Although Salina does not consider Guddu guilty she does not want to meet with him and be a burden on him. Guddu Full Movie Download Free HD

Guddu Full Movie Download Free HD Shortly after Guddu find out that he is diagnosed with brain tumor and does not have long to live so he decides to donate his eyes to Salina after his death but this is not agreeable by Guddu’s advocate father, Vikram which forces Guddu to move to court in order to ascertain his rights. Ultimately this decision not only affects his dear ones but changes lives forever.Shahrukh Khan is always out to surprise. I personally enjoyed this one, because it supported the thought that one should not blindly follow what their parents want for them, and that it’s OK to be original. Sure he a little overacted with the headaches, but how does one exactly portray a severe headache? It also adds to the comedy aspect. Shahrukh Khan is a wonderful dancer (although he denies it), and it shows in this one almost as good as it did in DDLJ. Guddu Full Movie Download Free HD

Guddu Full Movie Download Free HD Another aspect it has is the different sports(activities) that the female lead character is put on par with SRK’s character, Guddu film download , Guddu Movie Download Free , Guddu Hd Movie Download , Guddu movie download , Guddu Movie hd Download , Download free Guddu , Download movie Guddu , Download film Guddu , Guddu Download Movie , Download Guddu , Guddu Download , Download Guddu Full Movie in HD Bluray ,Guddu Full Movie Download Free ,Guddu Full Movie Download

Guddu Full Movie Download Free HD

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